EIFS Stucco Dallas Reviews Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems

EIFS Stucco Dallas can keep homes and businesses comfortable.  Cool in the summer.  Warm in the winter.  Insulation makes a huge difference.  EIFS Stucco Dallas will also save money and protect the environment.  Whatever happens.  No politics.  No nonsense.  Be it global warming or global cooling EIFS will lower your energy bill.  EIFS Stucco Dallas was first developed in Europe after WWII.  There were a lot of damaged buildings.  From bombs mostly.  But also from carelessness among the French.  Their old bread would get stale.  Loaves would poke through walls.  These would be repaired with EIFS Stucco.  When American GI’s returned home from the war they wanted to cover their homes in EIFS Stucco.  Back then, if it was European, it wasn’t as bad as it is now.

EIFS Stucco Dallas

EIFS Stucco Dallas is more advanced than the trowel plaster used in the old days.

EIFS Stucco Dallas.  The Very First EIFS Stucco Dallas Building.

The first EIFS Stucco Dallas was an old movie theater.  Later more buildings were covered in EIFS.  Soon the price dropped.  EIFS became more affordable.  For regular people.  Not like the Bass Family in Fort Worth.  They have had EIFS stucco Dallas since after WWII.  One of the best things about EIFS Stucco is that it is synthetic stucco.  Synthetic stucco is more waterproof than regular stucco.  This keeps it from getting wet.  On the inside.  The outside will still get wet.  Especially if it rains.  Or your sprinkler is turned towards the house.  Instead of the yard.  It happens.  More than you’d think.  It is very important for EIFS stucco to be put on properly.  This is one of those times where do-it-yourself is less than a bad idea.  Parks Plaster & Stucco is a good outfit.  We found them on Angie’s list.  Make sure you get a stucco good contractor.  They have to make sure everything gets sealed.  The right way.  Or water can get trapped inside the walls.  That is not good.  Angie’s list is a good place to look for EIFS Stucco contractors.  No fly by nights there.

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